Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter - Dark Green 360 x 280 cm

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The Rolling Fox tarp shelter is an ultralight and compact alternative to tents. 

Weighing in at only 600 grams it also folds up into a small stuff sack with a size of 30cm x 14cm.

Ideally used for:

  • Camping 
  • Bushcraft and survival
  • Sports events
  • Boating or kayaking
  • or at festivals


The Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter is ideal for all campers who need a lightweight yet durable tarp that is readily portable. Weighing in at less than 2 pounds and folding into a 30cm x 14cm sack, it is incredibly transportable.


Despite its small size when folded, it still manages to stretch to 360cm x 280cm when set up. It is made from fabric of the highest caliber fibers with taped seams to ensure that no water can possibly penetrate through the stitching of this tarp.

Additionally, while many styles of tarp may only have 4-8 tie off points, the Rolling Fox Tarp boasts an impressive 16 tie off points, making it incredibly versatile to accommodate different configurations.

Included with this tarp is portable stuff stack, which makes it incredibly simple to transport it from one location to another. On top of that, it is packaged with 4 stakes and 4 guy lines so that you can easily set it up in any location. Perfect for campers who may be hiking from one destination to another, or even just someone who wants a waterproof shelter to set up at an event.

Competitors' products can often weigh between 10-20 pounds, and come with numerous parts that make setting them up an enormous hassle. The Rolling Fox tarp is just as durable as these counterparts, yet astonishingly simple to set up and capable of being utilized in countless scenarios.

Having a cookout but the whether is taking a turn for the worst? No worries, the Rolling Fox Tarp is waterproof and can protect you from even the heaviest of rain. Going for a hike but you don't want to be stuck dragging a heavy tent around? Simply tuck our superbly compact tarp into a backpack and pull it out whenever you need it.

Everyone has needed protection from the elements at one point or another. With this multi-functional tarp, you'll never find yourself stuck in that uncomfortable situation again! Be prepared with the sleek, cream-colored Rolling Fox waterproof lightweight camping and survival tarp shelter! It is an affordable and high-quality product for those who love living active lifestyles outside but still desire protection from the elements.